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Pay Range : Hourly Rate $10.00 – $14.00 depends on skills and experience

Brief Job Description:

This position involves servicing residential garage doors and garage door openers. Most of the work is done in either older existing garages or newly constructed garages. Service technicians must already be proficient at installing various types and sizes of garage doors and openers in both standard and non-standard conditions such as low-headroom.

Service technicians must be able to read and follow instructions carefully.Good people skills are essential since service technicians are constantly interacting with customers, other contractors, other employees, etc.Service technicians are generally sent out to the job by themselves, however there may be times when we find it necessary to send two service technicians out together.

Service technicians are responsible for filling out work orders, safety check sheets, truck checklists in a very accurate and neat manner. Proper completion of paperwork is a very important aspect of the service technicians job. The service technician needs to write clearly and legibly and pay close attention to details.

All employees, including service technicians, are required to maintain a neat appearance at all times. Before starting a job, the service techncian should be sure their hands are clean, shirttails are tucked in, hair is combed, etc. Service technicians are not allowed to wear any necklaces, earrings, or other jewelry due to safety and appearance standards. Even wedding rings can pose a safety hazard and we strongly encourage wedding rings not be worn by any technician while they are working.

Service technicians must hold a valid driver’s license and maintain an insurable driving record as described in the company’sfleet policy. Failure to do so may result in the employee’s dismissal or reclassification and probable reduction in pay.

Service technicians are to periodically (at least once a month) read the instruction manuals for the doors and openers that we are currently installing. If they are asked to install a garage door or opener that they have not read the owner’s manual for, then they are to completely read the manual before starting the installation.

Service work and installations should be performed in a safe manner and no unnecessary or dangerous risks should be taken. All garage doors and openers should be serviced and installed to operate in a safe manner and according to the manufacturers’ installation instructions.

Service technicians’ immediate supervisor will be the service and production manager. Service technicians will also need to follow the instructions given by the inside customer service representatives.

Service technicians as well as all employees of Hollywood-Crawford Door may be require at times to do other things that are not specifically listed in their job description. They will be expected to cheerfully do whatever work related responsibilities are given to them.

All Hollywood-Crawford Door employees should follow these two Golden Rules while at work: “Under promise and over deliver” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Hours: Service technicians are scheduled to work Monday through Friday starting at 6:30 – 7:30 a.m. and ending usually whenever they have had completed all their work and the office does not have anything else for them to do. Some mandatory overtime may be required during peak periods. Employees are expected to be at work all scheduled days on time. Employees arriving for work late (5 minutes or more) will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Evaluated On:

  • Customer Happiness
  • Technical Skills Proficiency
  • Paperwork Accuracy
  • Callbacks Kept to a Minimum
  • Safety Record and Dedication to Safety
  • Rapport With Fellow Employees

Work Environment:

This position requires daily work in the dirty and dusty environment of the garage and outside in an open environment. Service technicians must face the harsh conditions of extreme heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter.

Most of the new construction job sites have very unlevel ground and footing leading to the garage. The garage floor is also cluttered many times with construction materials that have to be stepped over or walked upon. Even older, existing garages have many items in the garage that cause the footing to be hazardous.

The doors and door components are many times very oily and greasy and also have many sharp edges that present a very real hazard to minor cuts. Sometimes it may be required that the service technician go up into the attic of a home to possibly run some low-voltage wires or check on the framing, so they may come in contact with different types of insulation material.


Physical Requirements:

  • Lifting and carrying 100 lbs sometimes 50′ or more.
  • Walking and carrying items over unlevel ground
  • Ability to climb and work off of a 12′ high step ladder
  • Communicating over the telephone
  • Filling out work orders and safety check sheets legibly
  • Driving a pickup truck safely in the day and sometimes after dark
  • Ability to work in extreme heat and cold
  • Ability to work in a dirty, oily, and dusty environment
  • Ability to use power tools such as impact wrench, circular saw, & drill
  • Manual dexterity in both hands to work with hand tools