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Wayne-Dalton Thermospan (TS) 200 Commercial Door

Wayne-Dalton Thermospan® 200 provides premium thermal efficiency and low maintenance costs, resulting in a door that costs less to own. Continuous foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation and a non-conductive thermal break between the inner and outer skins combine to provide a U-value of .057 and an R-value of 17.50.

The secret behind this exceptional energy efficiency is Wayne-Dalton’s patented manufacturing process, during which the polyurethane core is continuously foamed-in-place between the outer and inner steel skins to form a homogenous sandwich of steel/polyurethane/steel. The technique produces outstanding thermal, strength and bonding characteristics. Additionally, a non-conductive thermal break virtually stops hot or cold outside temperatures from being transmitted to the inside.

Style: Commercial, Traditional

Features At A Glance:

  • Construction: Steel
  • Insulated: Yes
  • Premium thermal qualities (R-Value = 17.50, U-Value = 0.057)
  • Standard sizes up to 40′ 2″ wide and 22′ 1″ high
  • Industrial/Commercial durability
  • Warranty: Limited Warranty
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