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Custom Decorative Hardware

Custom Decorative Hardware For San Antonio Garage Doors

There is a long uttered expression, “The beauty is in the details,” and the professionals here at Hollywood-Crawford Garage Doors & Openers agree. While a garage door itself can go a long way in improving both the monetary and aesthetic value of your home, the things that truly make a home feel like your own come in the form of the tiny personal details and bits of personalization that actually speak to the homeowner as an individual.

With over 65 years of experience delivering custom garage doors to San Antonio, it’s become our passion to turn the desires of our customers into a reality by providing the finishing splashes of personal touch to dream homes around the community.

With decorative hardware, even the most generic garage doors can be turned into custom works of art. Create a welcoming portal into your home while defining its whole aesthetic with products and services from our team.

custom decorative brown garage door on a stone home

Benefits Of Custom Garage Decoration

It might be hard to imagine the benefits of nonfunctional medieval handles attached to your garage door beyond the fact that it looks awesome. And it does!

However, choosing to upgrade your garage door with custom hardware comes with a few additional benefits, like attracting a potential buyer and making your neighbors jealous!

Make The Most Out Of Your Home’s Biggest Canvas

For most homeowners, their garage door is essentially a large blank rectangle that takes up a large amount of the front of their house. While this is unavoidable, it’s possible to make the most out of that space – and our professionals are here to help you do just that.

With custom garage hardware from Hollywood-Crawford, you can make the most out of that large blank space in the most tasteful way possible. Adorn your exterior with high-quality decorations carefully forged to your needs by a craftsman that cares.

Increased Curb Appeal

You work hard to complete the aesthetic inside your space, so why not put forth effort on the outside as well? The outside of your home is your first impression to visitors and future buyers. With the housing market being so unpredictable, the flourishes of personalization added by our garage door services have the potential to make your home stand out in just the right way.

Stand Out From Your Neighbors

As our community grows and the need for housing with it, it becomes more and more likely that your home is located in a housing development filled with dozens if not hundreds of other homes that look almost exactly like it.

Individuality helps add flavor to life and the professionals here at Hollywood-Crawford want to help you express yours with garage hardware that is entirely your own.

Replacing and customizing your garage door is one of the safest investments you can make to improve the overall appeal of your home. On average, a new garage door adds 85% of its value to the value of your home and the addition of custom hardware could be the subtle detail that sways a potential buyer and convinces them to sign on the dotted line.

Be The Envy Of Your Neighborhood — With Garage Hardware From Hollywood-Crawford

If you need any type of garage door-related service, don’t hesitate to give us a call today! From installing new doors or customizing your current one to upgrading your older garage with a wireless opener,  there isn’t a garage-related situation that the professionals here at Hollywood-Crawford aren’t ready to provide a solution for.

We’re proud to offer San Antonio residents trusted garage door services. With over 65 years of work in the industry, we’re eager to use every bit of that hard-earned experience to continue to provide our community with the highest quality service possible. Get started with us today!

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