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Q: When I try to open or close my garage door, I hear the motor turning, but the door does not move, what could this be? 2017-09-06T16:32:23+00:00

A: This could be a couple of things. It may be as simple as your door became disengaged from the opener itself. Usually a red rope that hangs between the motor and the front wall on the garage door rail is pulled to accomplish this. You will need to re-engage the door to the opener by pulling the red cord in the opposite direction it was pulled to disengage it. Usually in the direction of the motor. Once you do this try running the door again to see if the belt or chain will re-engage with the door.

If you hear the motor turning but the belt/chain/screw is not moving you may have a broken gear or other part inside the motor itself. If this is the case call to schedule one of our trained and qualified service technicians to come have a look at it.

Q: I closed my garage door with the opener, and now when I try to open the door the opener only clicks, what did I do? 2017-09-06T16:31:11+00:00

A: What may have happened is you put the opener into a lock mode. This is usually done by a sliding switch or holding a lock button on the wall control station. Check to see if your wall control station has a switch, if it does, ensure the switch is in the unlocked position, usually depicted by a visual picture of a locked and unlocked pad lock. I you have a lock button, press that lock button and the led should go solid, showing that the opener is now unlocked.

Q: My remote quit working and will not open or close my garage, what can I do? 2017-09-06T16:31:11+00:00

A: The first step is to figure out if it is just one remote that isn’t working, or if it is multiple remotes. If it is just one remote that no longer works, it could be a bad transmitter or as simple as a dead or weak battery. Try changing the battery and see if begins to work again. If it is multiple remotes that no longer work, the receiver in the opener itself may be going bad or is already bad, in which case one of our trained and qualified service technicians will be glad to come by and either repair or give you an estimate for replacement if it is necessary.

Q: I opened my garage door with the operator, but now I cannot get it closed, what could this be? 2017-09-06T16:31:11+00:00

A: This could be a couple of things, more than likely it has something to do with the safety sensors, located at the base of the garage door opening. You should check to ensure that the sensors are both lit with solid lights. If there is one or both sensors that is not lit, or one is blinking, ensure that they are in fact facing each other and that there is no dirt or debris or other object blocking the path of this invisible safety beam. If you cannot get the sensors to function properly call and schedule a service with one of our trained and qualified technicians.  If you can continually hold the button on the wall down and get the garage door opener to close your garage door then this means there is an issue with the safety sensors or the wiring to the safety sensors.

If your sensors appear to be functioning properly and the door still will not close using the opener, you may need to have a trained service technician come check the opener to ensure the the proper sensitivity settings are set on your operator.

If you opened your door and it sounded like a roller coaster going up a hill (click, click, clicking) you may have a broken torquemaster spring and the safety function has kicked in that does not allow the door to come down if it feels like it has lost tension. If this is the case one of trained and qualified service technicians will be glad to replace the broken spring for you.

Q: There was a loud bang and now my door won’t open or it only opens a few inches and stops. What happened? 2017-09-06T16:31:11+00:00

A: This is very common of a broken spring. There are a few types of springs.

Torsions springs are exposed springs at the front of the garage above the opening. Usually one or two springs depending on door size and weight.

Extension springs run parallel to the horizontal tracks on either side of the garage door.

Torque Master Springs are self-contained inside a steel tube.

With a broken torsion spring you will clearly see a break in the coils of at least one of the springs.

With extension springs you will more than likely see a cable and part of the spring hanging on the side of the tracks. If you tried to open the door it would open very crooked.

With a broken torquemaster spring, if the door moved you would hear a clicking sound like a roller coaster going up a big hill. Also if you were able to get the door open, you will more than likely notice that now the door will not go down. This is a safety feature designed to keep the door from crashing to the ground when the door loses tension from the springs.

All of these situations should only be repaired by a trained and qualified repair technician.

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