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Garage Door Openers

San Antonio Garage Door Openers

When it comes to your home, few things beat the convenience of a garage door opener. What’s essentially the proverbial “open sesame” into your home, having a large overhead door graciously swing upwards as you return from a long day of work has a novel quality when you stop to consider it.

Luckily, the professionals here at Hollywood-Crawford Garage Doors & Openers haven’t stopped thinking about garage doors for more than 65 years! With all of that thought and consideration, we can extend a level of service to our customers that’s second to none.

People have been opening garage doors with electric openers since the 1930s and since then, the technology has come a surprisingly long way considering the simplicity of the device. Fortunately, our team has kept up with those developments every step of the way and is excited to explain the merits of modern openers.

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Garage Door Opener Installation

Whether you’re looking to replace an old unit or install your first opener entirely, we guarantee that our skilled technicians can set you in the right direction toward the best overhead garage door opener for you.

There are several benefits associated with upgrading to a new garage door opener that many wouldn’t consider, so read on to learn more about the advantages.

Benefits Of Installing A Garage Door Opener

Decreased Noise

You might not even notice how loud your old garage door opener is because you use it on a daily basis. The reality is, it could be louder than you think. In fact, you could be waking up your neighbors every morning and not even know it! One of the main improvements made to garage door openers in the last several decades is sound reduction.

Improved Safety & Reliability

In addition to decreased noise, new garage door openers also come with several features that greatly improve both safety and security. A few of these improvements include:

  • Automatic Sensor Reversal – New models come with sensors that automatically detect objects in the path of a closing door and reverse it.
  • Keypad Entry – Secure code entry allows safe access into your home even when you don’t have a key or opener.
  • Reliable Battery Backups – Rest assured that your garage door will open every time, even when the power goes out.
  • Increased Security – Due to limited technology, older units came with flaws that were easily exploited by criminals. Thanks to technological advances and the way access codes are generated for openers, these flaws have been eliminated.

Smart Home Connectivity

Many modern garage door openers come with several features that could qualify them as a piece of “smart” technology. Notably, with the addition of internet connectivity, many garage door openers are controllable with the use of an easily downloadable app. This feature has several benefits including allowing users to actively monitor the status of their garage door and being able to open and close it from a remote location.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Sometimes, the garage door opener you have is perfectly fine and just needs a simple repair to get up and going. Thankfully, when your current unit is facing minor issues, our team is there for you with some of the highest-quality garage door opener repairs in San Antonio.

If your unit is repairable, our technicians will have the skills and knowledge to get the job done right.

Hollywood-Crawford – Opening Doors At The Push Of A Button

If you’re looking for any type of garage door service, don’t hesitate to give the Hollywood-Crawford professionals a call. For over half a century, we’ve been committed to one thing – providing our customers with the best garage door service possible. We’re excited to include you in that legacy of excellence, so don’t hesitate to get started today!

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